What is Reframe all about?💡

​​In life, we all encounter moments where we need a fresh perspective, a shift in mindset, or some inspiration. That’s precisely what “Reframe” is here to offer.

​​Join us as we dive deep into the stories and expert insights from our incredible magazine contributors. And the best part? YOU get to be a part of the conversation! 🗣️✨Our conversation with Dr Jay Zigmont will last around 45 minutes and you can ask questions throughout the session, to make sure you get the most out of it.

​​Our Inaugural Session: Featuring Dr. Jay Zigmont, Childfree Wealth Specialist.

​​Dr. Jay Zigmont is a renowned expert in the world of childfree finance, and he’s going to share how we:

​💰should figure out the life we want THEN create our financial plan

​💰can improve our lives by improving our financial mindset

​💰can and should be looking at our financial plans individually, rather than following the financial plans society says we should follow


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