“What we’re searching for is not out there, but it’s inside. Therefore, happiness is actually an inside job.”

Jay Shetty

Rise of Happiness magazine is a free publication dedicated to promoting and encouraging wellbeing, mindfulness, and happiness. Our mission is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives through articles and inspiring stories from individuals who have overcome challenges and found happiness. These are written by the contributors themselves to ensure they are raw and authentic. Our magazine also includes expert tips and research on happiness and wellbeing. We cover a range of topics including mental health, self-care, mindfulness, personal growth, and happiness. Our readership includes individuals, businesses, and organisations who are passionate about creating a happier world.

Our Mission

Rise of Happiness is a movement to help people become happier. We deliver wellbeing talks about our own mental health and wellbeing journeys speaking about the importance of choosing happiness in our lives. We also publish a free wellbeing magazine which includes inspirational stories from people on their own journeys (written by them themselves), expert tips and research on creating a happier life and healthy vegetarian recipes. Everything in our magazine promotes a happier and healthier life.

Our Why

We have made the Rise of Happiness magazine free because we feel everybody should have access to quality health and wellbeing resources. We wanted to create a magazine that brought together everyone in society. For this reason, our contributors include people in the public eye and every day people to show that, at the core, we’re all the same. We all have mental health and we all want to live happy, healthy lives.

The stories are written by the contributors themselves. These are their lives, their stories, in their words. We do this so the stories are authentic, honest and raw. A number of our contributors have told us this is a very cathartic experience for them, which is a big win in our eyes.

Our Story

Rob Hosking

“I have always been interested in how people can manage their mental health and the severe impacts it can have on them when they don’t. I am a qualified mental health first aider helping people in their times of crisis and served as a frontline Police Officer for 5 years. Throughout this time, I failed to take care of my own mental health and wellbeing. On my last shift in the Police, I witnessed two very traumatic incidents which changed my life.

Around 10am I witnessed a suicide and 4 hours later my colleague had a heart attack on shift and died. My colleague had 29 years service, 1 left until retirement and this was an awakening for me to stop putting off living a life that made me happy. Since leaving the Police I found that my body began to heal itself from the traumatic experiences, resulting in me recollecting many other incidents which I had failed to deal with at the time. This resulted in me being diagnosed with PTSD. Failing to open up about my feelings and living a life contradicting my own core values, I realised the negative impact it had on my own wellbeing. Having gone through my own personal growth journey since, I see that you can only be truly happy if you understand what fulfils you in life and cut out the things that make you unhappy. I am now on a mission to ensure that others live a life that makes them happy however that might look for them.”

Kaigan Carrie

“For as long as I can remember I wanted to move to Australia. I dreamed of working in the criminal justice system there and surfing on my days off. I believed eternal happiness would be there. How naïve I was! In 2017 I moved to Australia, worked in the criminal justice and surfed in my free time. I felt empty and unfulfilled. I wondered what was wrong with me that I didn’t feel the eternal happiness and joy I believed I’d felt.

I went into a bookstore with the intention of finding a book on personal development. ‘Excuse me your life is waiting’ jumped out at me. I bought it and devoured it. This was the beginning of a personal development journey for me. It wasn’t until a few years later that I got clear on what my core values and my driving human need are. Then it all made sense. No wonder I was miserable. The life I was living in Australia and subsequently thereafter were at odds with what I valued most. I barely recognise the person I was back then. My life has completely transformed and I am now living a life that genuinely fulfils me and makes me very happy. I want to encourage you to do the same.”