“I first met Suzanne Butler when we were invited to join an elite Feng Shui group to enhance our knowledge of this 6000 year old practice.” explains International Interiors Therapist Suzanne Roynon. “Although I’d been using Feng Shui for 30 years, you never stop learning”.  

The group members were based around the world, with Suzanne Butler living in Brisbane, Australia and Suzanne Roynon in the UK.

“I recall the shock of orange hair and SB’s loud, no-nonsense Aussie approach.  She totally rocked” says Suzanne R.  “SB was successful, outspoken and had big intentions for her business and personal life, with no time for messing around.  However she was trapped in a frustrating divorce and it was clearly dragging her down.  She seemed angry a lot of the time, and although I could see she was creating negativity around herself and was itching to say something, the time just wasn’t right.”

“When I first saw SR on screen, she was like this wise, older woman.” Suzanne Butler says with a twinkle in her eye. “She’s very English and quite diplomatic with the words she uses. She’s also a best-selling author, and because we had nothing in common, I didn’t know what to think of her initially, so SR was just another face on a Zoom call.”

Once the course finished, the women went their separate ways, but stayed in touch through social media.  

“We each come at Feng Shui from a different perspective” says Suzanne R.  “I use it as part of the Interiors Therapy process, whereas SB was focused on bringing the power of Feng Shui to manifest a happier lifestyle for professional women and solopreneurs in Australia.”

The women have unique strengths they share with their clients.

Suzanne B is a manifesting supremo, running courses which draw in phenomenal successes for the people who work with her. She teams this with a bespoke Feng Shui service.

As a leading Interiors Therapy expert, Suzanne R recognises the many ways a home and possessions can trap people in the past, making it almost impossible to move forward into a healthy, happier life and relationship.  She wrote the award-winning “Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship” to make interiors therapy accessible to everyone feeling stuck, not just in relationships but also with career, happiness, wellbeing, and sense of self.

Interiors Therapy identifies the physical and subconscious obstacles to happiness, success and zest for life created by the possessions and even the art people keep around them.  It goes deeper than decluttering, bringing in energy therapies, law of attraction, life coaching, space clearing and much more in addition to the dynamic change Feng Shui brings to a home.

It was the ‘Welcome Home’ book which took the women’s friendship to a new level.

“I was getting these great results with clients,” recalls Suzanne B “but my personal situation meant I wasn’t walking my talk.  I realised with a jolt I hadn’t been genuinely happy for a very long time. I noticed SR was online and called her up for a chat which turning into an almighty whinge.  It was our first real conversation and it changed my life.”

“I believe Feng Shui magnifies whatever is around it” explains Suzanne R.  “I knew SB was still living in her former marital home, and although all her Feng Shui remedies ensured the money and clients flowed in, at a personal level her possessions were sabotaging her happiness…”

“SR asked me if she could be blunt and then gave it to me straight… I was mind-blown” says Suzanne Butler.  “Her intuition is through the roof. She can read a house and describe what’s going on for the owners.  She suggested I actually took the time to read ‘Welcome Home’ (which I’d bought months earlier and abandoned on a shelf!)  It was as though the book had been written for me! I read it cover to cover in a couple of hours and never looked back.”

Suzanne B ditched everything connected to her ex, along with the ‘victim version of herself’.  Next she called the real estate agent and put her house on the market.  It sold within two days and because the Australian system is so efficient, thirty days later she moved to a gorgeous apartment in a swanky area of Brisbane.

“I realised I could never be the happy person I truly wanted to be while I was surrounded by the trappings of my former life” Suzanne B continues, “Using Feng Shui meant I had inside knowledge and chose a home which is classified as ‘Good for People and Good for Money’.  I upgraded my life, my thinking and created a workspace in which I’m the boss.  My whole lifestyle and attitude shifted upwards and I love who I’ve become. It’s really paid off for me financially, as well as emotionally.”.

“I want to say it’s not essential to ditch everything and move to a new place” laughs Suzanne R, “SB took it to the extreme and it worked brilliantly for her, but doing Interiors Therapy in a current home is just as effective when done properly.”

Since Suzanne B’s great revelation, the bond between the women has become incredibly strong.  In September 2023 they met for the first time when Suzanne B spent a month in the UK working with Suzanne R to transform the lives of clients and boost the fortunes of a newly opened luxury hotel which had experienced some reputational hiccups.  The Feng Shui and Interiors Therapy they implemented is already working wonders!

“Arriving at Suzanne R’s bijou apartment was like stepping into a new way of living.  Everything has its place, and the rooms are testament to keeping only the things you use, need and love around you.” says Suzanne B “It’s a haven of calm which wraps you in a hug, whilst at the same time inspiring, nourishing, motivating and generating good vibes.  I’ve been so productive since and tapped into new levels of happiness as a result of the balance of Feng Shui and finely tuned Interiors Therapy SR has created. Using Interiors Therapy really does take everything to a new level.  I understand now how much I was still carrying around with me personally, and I’m taking this learning back to my own practice in Australia.”

The women work internationally, and each maintain their own businesses and client base whilst offering accountability to one another.  They will meet again in California during 2024 to assist a couple of families whose Instagram feeds suggest they are ‘living the dream’ whereas the reality is somewhat different.  “While money isn’t an issue for these people, their happiness quotient is low, and they want to access the joy they deserve with expert help.”  Says Suzanne R, “We will be going in to transform the energy in a number of homes and working directly with the people concerned because that’s really the only way to make it happen in some situations.”    

Suzanne B continues “We’re all about offering great value and serving people who recognise their life isn’t going to plan and are ready to enjoy a happier, healthier, wealthier and more loving lifestyle.  It all has to start in the home, because once you’ve got the space you live in working with you rather than against you, everything else falls neatly into place”.

Suzanne Butler (Australia) : www.harmonisingenergies.com.au

Suzanne Roynon (UK) : www.interiorstherapy.com

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