My name is Celeste. I am a speaker, guide and life coach. I am an adventurer, a writer and an artist. I have lived 36 years on this planet, wondering both; “how did I make it here?” and “where am I going next?”

I hang my hat on my hunger and curiosity for moments that leave me in awe of who I am and the possibility of who I am becoming.

In essence, I am a shapely accumulation of my life experiences. In particular, the defining moments of great pain, loss, courage, justice and victory. Those are the ones that define my character and the way I choose to show up to my life – in all moments. Perhaps the greatest lesson of all, has been
learning how to simply ‘show up’. I believe that learning how to continuously show up is etched into the everlasting syllabus of my lifetime schooling.

Simply put, I’m happy to be here. Here. On these pages. Here for you to be reading. I’m happy to be the person who can write, speak, and express in resonance with happiness. And not just ‘happiness’, but the dynamics of my relationship with happiness. How it rises and sets. How it can be found, cultivated, understood, nurtured and truly valued.

I love romance. I love the romance I have slowly and carefully crafted with the infinitely evolving nature of my own existence. I cherish my insatiable hunger for more. More expansion, more experience, more knowing, more understanding, more curiosity, more wonder, more awe.

Ahem…more tangibly put – I love my life. I love my life and what I have created for myself. I am in the best shape I have ever been in and I feel incredible. My energy levels and vitality as a whole are through the roof. I’ve achieved a level of commitment to my body and health that I previously considered impossible.

I am married to my best friend. I have a successful career and business with my incredible husband. We are doing what we love – in alignment with our heart and true life’s purpose.

In the process of creating a successful business and marriage with my husband, I simultaneously (and symbolically) officiated the wedding
between business and pleasure. This is also the union of the inner rebel and the dreamer within me.

So, at this point, it is vital for me to share…that my life wasn’t always this way.

Not even close.

In fact, the entirety of my life leading up and into my early thirties told a very different story. I experienced so much pain, heartbreak, disappointment,
unrequited love and dangerously empty moments that I lost the ability to hope, to dream and to honor my own desire.

The family, social and cultural dynamics that shaped my concept of who and what I am, were suffocating to my soul. They began to strangle and douse my innate inner fire, sense of self, freedom, wonder and enthusiasm for life from a very young age. Then the experiences and relationships I created and encountered were the reflection of my internal world. Leaving me perpetually thirsty for a life that felt whole.

I felt alone in solitude and even more alone in a sea of people. I felt trapped. I felt like my vocal cords did not reach the octave of rage equivalent to express the injustice of the way things were. I unconsciously told myself stories and taught myself to believe them. Stories about who I was allowed to be and what I needed to do to have someone temporarily fill the chasmic emotional voids inside of me.

In my early years, I found sports and nature and adventure. I found love and hope and joy in little moments. As I grew up, I experienced less and less of those things and more and more doubt and self judgment and confusion about life.

In my early teens, I found the gym, weightlifting and competitive bodybuilding. It was the first time that I felt like I had stumbled upon a treasure that could help take me to a life that meant something. Sports and fitness led me to my first “big break” as a professional wrestler with the WWE. I traveled the world, wrestled in arenas like Madison Square
Garden. I won the Women’s Championship title in 2013.

Even an accolade of that magnitude did not fulfill the empty parts of me.

So I left.

I got married. I moved. I started a business. I tried starting over.

It ended in pain, heartbreak and disappointment. Drugs, alcohol, shame. Emptiness. I kept jumping into different vehicles setting out in search of the holy grail. In reality I was driving further and further away from myself.

After a divorce, problems with substance abuse, cyclical and painful romantic relationship dynamics, I knew something needed to change. Me. It was me.

I needed to change.

In my early thirties, covered in invisible battle scars, gaping wounds and very little sense of self-worth, I started trying to learn and change for the better. I had no idea where to start or who to turn to. I wanted to understand myself and what I was missing in my life. I reluctantly tiptoed into the world of self development through books and podcasts. I must’ve read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle 100 times cover to cover. (If you’re looking for somewhere to start, pick up that book).

Eventually, I attended a business mastermind in Scottsdale, AZ. The mastermind was so perfectly called “All In”.

Little did I know that the concept of actually going “all in” would soon teach me everything I was hungry for. It would teach me the skills and knowingness to satiate myself after a lifetime of starvation. It would become my greatest teacher. It would teach me the formulation for alchemical magic; pain to the greatest joy in existence. “All In” is the mastermind where I met my now husband, Grant. “All in” is also the symbolic destination of my greatest spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformations.

I got me a real n’ hot sexy husband cuz I went “all in” on myself y’all!

Believe me, I could write an entire library of books about the power of love and the depth of healing that began to take place, even in the first moments of our relationship. It was a soul connection that seemed to transcend lifetimes. Meeting him was, still is and will always be the meeting of my true self.

Over and over again I was met with the idea,

“If I want the love of this man, I must learn to love myself”,
“If I want to truly know this man, I must truly know myself”.

This was the first season in my life where I chose to stay, not run.

Here, I took my first step towards the greatest love I have ever known.

His love. My own love. I learned that they are one.

We have challenged and tested each other to the absolute depths and edges of ourselves. We have gone through initiation after initiation, shaping each other and pushing each other to meet ourselves, to love and accept ourselves and to love and accept each other. To do it with grace and compassion and forgiveness. We’ve made amends with our pasts and know that we must continue to do so as we keep evolving and becoming everything we are destined to become – individually and together.

We got married on December 1st, 2022, exactly 4 years to the day from the moment we met. We got married at ATMA Church – an Entheogenic
(psychedelic) Church in Austin, TX. It was just Grant and I, our beloved family/friend/founder of the church (Whitney Lasseter) and our photographer. It was a profound symbol of who we are, the way we see the world and our commitment to ourselves, unconditional love and unbridled freedom.

The journey of my life leading up to our meeting, our commitment to each other, ourselves and our union has brought me to my knees over and over again. It has taught me to live for something more and greater than who I am individually. It has taught me to live for the one, the ultimate, the limitless;
to live for love.

Together, we continually redefine marriage, on our terms. We trust the power of our intrinsic leadership and ability to go against the grain in the name of true happiness. Our greatest mission, now that we have stepped into the embodiment of our unbreakable union, is to live, teach and share our
powerful vision of love.

The path to becoming limitless.

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