Travel has always been more than just a leisurely pursuit. It’s a journey of self-discovery, a pursuit of happiness, and a source of profound personal growth. In a world that often seems overwhelmed by stress and negativity, encouraging travel should be a priority. However, despite its numerous benefits, travel often doesn’t receive the credit it deserves in society. This undervaluation can be attributed to several factors:

Perceived Luxury: Many people view travel as a luxury, accessible only to those with significant financial resources. This misconception can lead to the belief that travel is an extravagant indulgence rather than a valuable investment in your wellbeing.

Time Constraints: The fast-paced nature of contemporary life often leaves little room for extended travel experiences. People may feel pressured to prioritise work and daily responsibilities over the exploration of new places and cultures.

Fear of the Unknown: The prospect of leaving your comfort zone and encountering the unfamiliar can be intimidating. This fear can discourage individuals from embarking on journeys that have the potential to transform their lives.

Emphasis on Materialism: Society sometimes places a disproportionate emphasis on material possessions as markers of success. This focus on acquiring ‘stuff’ can overshadow the lasting impact of experiences and personal growth that travel offers.

We will explore why travel should be more highly encouraged and why you should intentionally carve out time to travel, the myriad of benefits it brings, how it positively impacts us as individuals, and its undeniable connection to happiness.

Why Travel Should Be More Highly Encouraged?

Expanding Horizons

Travelling expands our horizons in ways that no book or documentary can. When we venture beyond our familiar surroundings, we encounter different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. These experiences broaden our understanding of the world and help us develop empathy and tolerance. Encouraging travel fosters global citizenship and promotes a more harmonious society, yet it often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves for its role in promoting cultural understanding.

Breaking Routine

Monotony can be a major happiness killer. Routine often leads to boredom and stagnation. Travel disrupts this pattern by introducing novelty into our lives. It encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, try new things, and embrace change. This break from routine rejuvenates our minds and rekindles our zest for life, but society sometimes undervalues these benefits, prioritising stability over personal growth.

Stress Reduction

Modern life can be stressful, with constant demands and responsibilities. Travel offers a much-needed escape from the daily grind. Whether it’s lying on a tranquil beach, hiking through a dense forest, or exploring a bustling city, the act of travelling reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation.

Learning Opportunities

Travel is a continuous education. It exposes us to new languages, histories, cuisines, and traditions. We learn to adapt to different environments and navigate unfamiliar situations. This continuous learning keeps our minds sharp and agile, contributing to our overall wellbeing.


Travelling often leads to self-discovery. Removed from our usual surroundings, we have the space to reflect on our lives, values, and goals. It challenges us to confront fears and insecurities, helping us grow as individuals. Travel inspires self-confidence and resilience, which helps us in so many other areas of our lives.

What Is The Connection Between Travel and Happiness?

Creating Positive Memories

Travel provides us with a treasure trove of memories that can bring joy long after the trip has ended. These memories become a source of happiness and fulfilment, providing us with a mental escape during challenging times. Research by Dr Gilovich found that experiences bring us more retrospective satisfaction and enjoyment, so even long after the adventure has ended, it can bring you happiness just thinking about it.

Enhancing Wellbeing

Studies have shown that travel can have a positive impact on our overall wellbeing. Experiencing new places and cultures can boost our mood and increase our sense of happiness. It often leads to a sense of adventure and a deeper appreciation for life.

Strengthening Relationships

Travelling with loved ones can strengthen bonds and create shared experiences. The memories created during these journeys become a source of happiness that can be revisited time and time again.

Promoting Gratitude

Travel often exposes us to less fortunate circumstances, prompting us to appreciate what we have. Witnessing poverty or environmental degradation can motivate us to be more grateful for the resources and opportunities available to us.

In a world where stress and negativity can often dominate our lives, travel can bring us more happiness, improve our wellbeing, make us more confident, resilient, compassionate, and ultimately better citizens of the world. Encouraging travel can foster personal growth, expand our horizons, and create lasting memories. It allows us to break free from routine, learn about new cultures, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet. Travel is a transformative journey that can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. So, plan an adventure and expand your heart and mind! 

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