Leon Logothetis- The Kindness Diaries

People often ask me why I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of kindness. 


They want to know. 

Is it because you saw a way to make big bucks? No. 

Why then?

We want to know. 

And we want to know now. 

The answer can be succinctly stated in one word. 


We all know what it means to lie in the silence of our bedrooms torn apart my sadness.

We all know what it means to drip with anxiety.

We all know what it feels like to eviscerate ourselves for things we may have done. 

We. All. Know. 

And because we all know the travails and pitfalls of being human, we are actually the perfect antidote to the pain; for each other.  And the perfect way for us to administer the medicine, to each other, is simply to be kind. 

To share our vulnerabilities. 

To hold each other’s hearts. 

To treat each other with love. 

To make each other feel like there is hope (and there is always hope).

A hope and a medicine that many of us didn’t get as kids. 

So now, we must be that hope for others (and ourselves). We must be that love for others (and ourselves). We must be that grace for others. 

We must. 

We know what its like to be treated with disdain. 

We know what its like to be shamed and ridiculed. 

I hope we also know what its like to be treated with respect. With love. With kindness. 

We must be there for each other. 

We must remind ourselves, that community is the key. 

It wasn’t all that long ago, that we were huddled in caves, where our survival meant that we must stay together. That we must be there for each other. 

For if we didn’t, we didn’t make it. 

We. Didn’t. Make. It.

Our innate humanity flows through us all when we become attune, to the magic that flows between us.

Call it love. 

Call it kindness. 

Call it, we.

Thereason why I dedicated my life to kindness (and yes, so should you), was to feel that magic of we. To feel that humanity flowing. That healing flow of love, a flow that nourishes our souls.  

A Shared moment of magnificence. 

A we, that is being forgotten in this fast paced world of social media and outrage media. 

You. Are. Horrible. 

You. Are. Different. 

And. Therefore. I will. Scream at you. Racially abuse you. Hurt you. (and much worse).

I often ask myself, where is the true essence of we in the hate? 

For I promise you, when you get to the nitty gritty, the truth beyond the venom, we are all the same. At the base of our humanity, irrespective of color, or religion, or political leanings. 

We. Are. All. The. Same.

If the men (and women) at the top, be it at your job, at your church, on your TV screen, at your Monday Bingo sessions tell you otherwise. They are lying. 

They. Are. Lying. 


It’s the medicine to change it all. 

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